Desi girl Sexual Skill lessons

How they can get more benefits from the sex and masturbation?

What are the women sex benefits?

What are the women sex benefits?

People know that sex is so beneficial, especially for women, it releases your tension and stress level and makes you happy and active every time and after all that it's also provide you more intense orgasm. So let's see more sex benefits. the very first benefit is that boost your immune system. This is something like you can do in your bedroom to keep your immune system healthy and strong without taking any type of medical help, you can do it naturally.

People who have sex once or twice in a week, show thirty present higher level of an antibody called immunoglobulin-A, which is known to boost the immune system. Release your heart attack risk- Good sex life makes your heart more healthy and strong. Sex helps keeps your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. It also improves your heart and raises your heart rate and that is why sex is one of the good things for heart. Improve sleep- We all know that good sex release your tension and stress level. Once your stress and tension level is down you can able to sleep naturally with a free mind. And sleep is most important thing for the health.

Same as you can see the masturbation benefits

If you're masturbation way is right, and the timing or continuity is right than you can see that positive changes in your orgasm and also changes in your mood. you certainly starting happiness in your mood.

Way to get better sex and masturbation and what is the precautions?

Way to get better sex and masturbation and what is the precautions?

There are different ways which you apply and get better sex and masturbation. If you want better sex and masturbation than:-

Includes sex toys

If you are including sex toys and vagina toys in your masturbation and sex also than you can feel different because sex toys are provide you more sensational feeling from the real. It is that because they contains different speeds of vibrations. you can use vibrator sex toys, regular dildo and anal dildos etc. if you want more stimulation. you can also use it with your partner because then its provide ecstasy to you.

Use lubricant

Use lubricant with masturbator toys will help to enhance and boost your seep because of its slipperiness. If you don't know that how to use lotion or lube than you can get help from the You can use lube for women with the sex toys. Use massagers: Women can use massager like clitoral massage, body massager and magic wand for the erogenous zones stimulation. You also can use the breast enlargement toys for breast stimulation with enlargement.


while using sex toys for better sex you have to buy best toy material for you. If you have just given birth to a baby then do not use sex toys just after childbirth. otherwise you have to face many like female sexual dysfunction.