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What are the orgasmic dysfunction in women and What are the causes and the cure of the orgasmic dysfunction?

What are the orgasmic dysfunction in women?

No orgasm?

Orgasmic dysfunction is a condition that occurs when women has difficulty to reaching in orgasm because of health problems, relationship issue, family problems, or stress issue. sometime women cannot fully aroused for orgasm. which is very common women sexual problems in women but it's not mean that it is general if you don't reach orgasm from very long time than consult with doctors or the gynecologist. when this condition occurs its known as the female orgasmic dysfunction. men can also experience orgasmic dysfunction, but this is much less common. Orgasm are intense feeling of release during sexual stimulation. they can vary in intensity, frequency and duration. orgasm can occurs with little sexual stimulation but sometime much more stimulation is better and necessary. Orgasmic dysfunction affects 11 to 41% of women. orgasmic dysfunction is also known as the 'ANORGASMIA or FEMALE ORGASMIC DISORDER'. But this is not good if anyone face this type of problem try to cure it.

What are the causes and the cure of the orgasmic dysfunction?

What are the causes and the cure of the orgasmic dysfunction?

There are many of reasons in women so that they can't be successful to reach orgasm. Including physical, emotional, or psychological factors. explanation are given below: - Older age: - We all knows that age plays a important role in the orgasmic cycle. if any women are cross the menopause age than it may possible that the body of women taken too much time to reach the orgasm or maybe you can't be able to reach the orgasm. sometime after childbirth women can started this type of orgasmic problem.

Medical condition: -

Not all type of medical condition includes in the orgasmic dysfunction. only few can like the diabetes. and as we all knows that every 3rd or 4th women have the diabetes. so because of this diabetes women can face orgasmic problem.

Shyness: -

You can see in several countries like India. Indian people are very shy to talk about on this orgasm or sex related problems. or some women have that much shy like the involve in the sexual activity but they can't able to enjoy it. that is why lack of enjoyment is also a cause of the sexual orgasmic problems and women sexual disappointments.

Mental health condition: -

Some of the women are in pressure and depression that is why they can mentally involve in the sexual activity with his partner. and they also can't give their best in masturbation way. Besides all these stress, anxiety, poor self- esteem, history of sexual abuse, cultural and religious abuse etc are also the reasons of female sexual dysfunction.

For this type of problem you have to be sexually active if you are a shy women than you can focus on the masturbation. for that you can use the different type of sex toys like dildo, anal dildo, clitoris massager, vibrator, etc masturbator. You can also used these sex toy for erogenous zones stimulation. you just have to use this vagina toys with the lube for women.