Desi girl Sexual Skill lessons

How to make correct masturbation for Desi girl and masturbation effect with a toy

Do you need masturbation for women?

Do you need masturbation for women?

As you know that masturbation is a common activity. You know about masturbation that it is a sexually pleasure. During masturbation you feel really good and your muscles also get relax. Masturbation effect on whole body also. After masturbation people can feel relax and happy. Masturbation is the best way to satisfy their sexual need.

Masturbation is a hand held exercise. It is a normal behavior experience. Every people can easily involves in the masturbation. When women involve in the masturbation then they can use their hand , fingers, home object or sex toys to stimulate the vagina and clitoris. During masturbation, a unique sensation creates in the body which help people to get excited.

Masturbation also help people to achieve the orgasm and ecstasy. It is a nice way of reliving stress and tension. While doing the masturbation, women can use the different types of sex toys. Women can also use personal lubricant, while doing the masturbation.

Male masturbation aims at ejaculation.

Male masturbation aims at ejaculation. While having masturbation ejaculation get discharge from men's penis. Most of the men involves in the masturbation to achieve the orgasm. Male masturbation is a sexual activity, which most of the people do to satisfy their sexual need and achieve the orgasm.

Achieving the orgasm is also good for health. Most of the men use their own hand to stimulate the penis during masturbation. Sometimes men can automatically achieve the orgasm without any sexual activity. In this case people should consult the doctor. The men who are regularly involve in the masturbation can get habituated of this, which cause many side effects.

So what about women's masturbation?

So what about women's masturbation?

Women do not care about orgasm. Most of the women feel shame during masturbation and does not achieve the orgasm. Masturbation is process of self stimulating and it also provide the pleasure feeling. If male or female involve in the masturbation in the proper manner then it also help them to decrease stress and tension. People can feel comfortable and relief orgasm.

In all over the world, most of the women involve in the masturbation to satisfy their sexual need when they are alone at home. To make the masturbation more pleasure women also use the personal lubricant. Women can apply the personal lubricant near the genital area. During masturbation, women can press their genital area, breast, nipple for excitement. It helps women to achieve the orgasm.

Women can also use the different types of sex toys to stimulate their genital area. Most of the women prefer the vibrator sex toys. The vibrating toys have different types of vibration function and speed. People should always start the vibration function with low speed and gradually increase the speed. Vibrating sex toys provide more unique and pleasure feeling during the sexual activity or masturbation. The vibrating sex toys are either battery operated or USB rechargeable. if u doesnt like a viblate toy you can use dildo toy. Women can prefer any of the sex toys or masturbator toys according to their need and choice.

Women's masturbation pleasant way

Women's masturbation pleasant way

Most of the women who want to involve in the masturbation, wants to stay alone. Women increased her excitement at every movement while having masturbation and masturbation also help women to grow up genital blood flow and stimulates. While involving in the masturbation, women can also change their positions.

As you know that, while involving in the masturbation most of the women use the different types of sex toys. With the help of sex toys women can easily achieve the orgasm. In the market different types of sex toys or masturbator toys are available which women use during the masturbation. Women can use the different types of masturbator sex toys for different purpose.

During masturbation, if women are using any type of masturbator toys then it is important for them to apply the personal lubricant on the surface of the masturbator toys also. It helps to reduce the friction and make the surface slippery, so that they does not feel pain during the masturbation.