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What are the female sexual dysfunction? Explain! and what are the causes and the solution of the female sexual dysfunctions?

What are the female sexual dysfunction?

What are the female sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction or sexual problems in female, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle. that may prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. When we are research that we found that sexual dysfunction is common problem in female's. around 43% of women can suffer from the problem of sexual dysfunction. Sexual problem or sexual dysfunction includes desire, arousal, orgasmic, and sex pain disorders. After menopause age many women sexual trouble occurs women.

It is a topic like many of women feel embraced to discuss. if any women hesitant to discuss publically then they can talk about the topic from the gynecologist or doctor. Sexual dysfunction refers to a problem during the phase of sexual response cycle that prevents individually and couples from experience satisfaction from sexual activity. We can say that in easy words that the sexual dysfunction is the name of any sexual disorder and having a problem in achieving orgasm. Sexual dysfunction is common in women around 43% of women face the problem of erectile dysfunction.

What are the causes and the solution of the female sexual dysfunctions?

What are the causes and the solution of the female sexual dysfunctions?

Sexual dysfunction can be result of physical and physiological problems. because we all knows that these two main factors are not balanced than our body not response fully and then sexually you can't able to feel good and satisfying. Physical cause: Many of physical and medical condition are cause of sexual problems. including diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, neurological disease, menopause and drug abuse are the main problem sexual dysfunction and these are not only affect you sexually this can be damage your whole body so be aware and kick all your bad habits.

Physiological cause

This includes work stress, anxiety, family issues, relationship problems related stress. in short we can say that any kind of stress also the main cause of sexual dysfunction.

Solution for female sexual dysfunction

if you want a healthy sexual life than you have to take extra care of your body, mind and also focus on your body fitness. Doesn't matters what is your body weight and size only matters that your are fit women. when you starting feeling like your sexually not feels good and satisfying than try to improve your masturbation.

As we say before that women are very shy to talk about on that types of topic so they also cant able to share with the doctors. So what you do in that type of situation? in that case you can use many of sex toys to prevent the effect of sexual dysfunction and make your masturbation and sex more enjoyable.


Vibrator sex toys and vagina toys helps to enhance your masturbation and stimulate your whole body so that you can get orgasm fast. vibrator sex toys also provide you the ecstasy. You can use dildo vibrator sex toys for pleasure and stimulation. lube for woman is most important thing


Anal toy

If you want to use anal stimulation

stimulation and satisfaction than you can easily play with or involve a anal toys in your anal stimulation. anal toys are more stimulates you in comparison of your hands. whenever you use a sex toy first check the materials. if you had a pregnancy than do not use the sex toy immediately just after child birth. Make sure that you know how to use lotion and the sex lubricant



Women can also use the massagers like clitoral massager, breast-enlargement and masturbator for getting more stimulation and also for erogenous zones stimulation.